Special Features about the Hacker Test

The first and most distinguished feature is that the questions list is dynamic and constantly replenished. It means that the same page can display a different question next time you try to hack it. And if you have already passed the test, it does not mean that next time you do it, you'll see the same questions.

I made it dynamic for the sake of your time not mine. :-). And it makes sense just because it's a lot easier to answer 22 questions at once then if there's a bunch of 50. It really takes time and you know that. So if you want to pass it again and again, you are welcome any time but some questions will be familiar and some will be new.

There's one more feature that's worth mentioning: each time you successfully crack the test, you may enter the same name in the Winners List.

What do you get from that? First, when you point the cursor at the name, you can see the numbers of user's successful attempts. Well, some people just like to see it this way! Secondly, the average time of test taking is also there and it will be decreasing each time (even if there are new questions in the test). It's just another nice feature for those ravenous for fame.

There is even a third feature but you'll see for yourself.