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Is this some puzzle for kids? Why then is it so easy to solve?
All questions are simple in this test and intended for fun not for headache.

Why don't you make the answers NOT case sensitive?
I can't do that because the correct answer should be case sensitive. If you cracked it alright then you'd know why. It's a hacker test and it wasn't named just for marketing purposes, you know.

Hey, guys, you've got the wrong answer to the 19 question here!
I bet you had high grades at school! It is mathematics for beginners.

How did you dare to name this puzzle a “hacker test”?!
Those who don't like the test name have a wonderful chance to crack it in the real “hacker's” way. Your unique skills will be proved by your email or nick listed in the Wizards List and marked in bold red.

P.S. But don't you try to hack the server to prove you are a real hacker. It could be simple but then any lamer could do that if he dares.